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Texture Analysis software

Exponent Connect is for the XT Connect range of instruments only.

You will need to enter your original Exponent Connect Software Licence number to install this software.

The software installation contains the latest version of firmware that was available at the time the package was built. The firmware download further down this page will be the latest version that is currently available.

Version 8

For Windows 10 and Windows 11. Intel 32 bit or 64 bit Multicore CPU or AMD equivalent processors are supported.

Download 8,1,5,0

407 MB

Downloads a setup program that will update  a previous installation of Exponent Connect or Exponent Connect Lite. This will not update Exponent, Texture Expert or Exceed.
This software is only compatible with the XT Connect range of instruments.

View the Connect Change history

Error in Egg Testing Haugh Unit Calculation

It has come to our attention that the Haugh Unit calculation in Exponent/Exponent Lite software (versions and lower) has an error in the location of a bracket within the formula. This is due to how formulas are translated into computer instructions.

Incorrect: HU = 100log(h – (1.7w)0.37 + 7.6)

Correct: HU = 100log(h – 1.7w0.37 + 7.6)

We have made the appropriate correction for all future software versions (including Connect software) and can advise the following:
The grading of eggs may be affected. Changes will be most noticeable for those eggs that have a thin albumen (below 4mm) and coupled with a higher weight (e.g. 75g). For the majority of egg weights and albumen heights (that would have resulted in a high Haugh Unit) the egg grading will be unchanged.

Dough Inflation System flow rate calculation

An error was found in Exponent versions prior to with the flow rate calculation of the Dough Inflation System Type 2 model. The adjustment for the larger piston diameter was not being made so the actual flow rate was higher than displayed in the T.A. Settings window.

For operators of the DR/DIS2 who have created their own projects or made copies of the sample projects, the Dough Inflation System will continue to operate in the same way as before i.e. the displayed value of 26.7 will continue to operate at the actual flow rate of 60.9 cm3/sec for compatibility with existing results.

The new sample projects and library sequences (supplied from version onwards) correct this issue and run at the displayed flow rate i.e. 26.7 cm3/sec. Operators who have been directly using sample projects from previous Exponent versions, and wish to continue using the same flow rate as the previous versions, will need to change the flow rate value to 60.9 cm3/sec.

Download additional sample files

The additional sample files are for the Acoustic Envelope Detector and Powder Flow Analyser.

The setup program will automatically install the media files which will be added to your sample files folder of Exponent Connect. The samples also include the audio files (.wav) and video files (.avi) that go with the sample files (.arc) for the Acoustic Envelope Detector.


3.4 GB


View the Connect firmware change history       

View the Connect TSI firmware change history

View the update pack version list

Download Firmware Update Pack

To update the firmware, download and unpack the file; then send the XTCUpdate.pac file to the XT Connect instrument, either via the Exponent Connect software or the instrument's HTTP interface.

You can also copy the XTCUpdate.pac file into a folder called XTC on a USB memory stick. Then connect the memory stick to the instrument and log in on the TSI using an administrator account. Touch ‘Yes’ when prompted to check for updates and follow further on-screen prompts.

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