The Ceramscan

The Ceramscan is a benchtop laser-based scanner that measures the volume, density and dimensional profiles of Ceramic test pieces.

Ceramscan with sample

Why choose a Ceramscan

Measure more than volume

This non-contact measurement system offers considerable advantages over contact and displacement techniques which purely measure volume.

The rapid 3-dimensional digitisation of products enables the automatic calculation of several detailed dimension related parameters including volume, density and dimensions, the results of which may be mathematically manipulated for immediate use or future retrieval in a variety of data formats.

Fast and accurate

In as little as 12 seconds* manufacturers have precise data about their products in order to control and monitor their production.

*Based on a 10mm step size and 95% accuracy

World class data analysis software

Our powerful, feature-rich software comes as standard. Your objective, quantifiable results can be archived and retrieved for future viewing, should you ever need to compare with historical data. Best of all, free software updates are included for the lifetime of your instrument. Find out more

Safer than outdated methods

Fluid displacement techniques are not suitable for porous materials. The Ceramscan is a non-contact laser-based measurement that is not affected by sample porosity.

Mercury displacement techniques represent a toxic risk to the environment and are therefore illegal in many countries.

The Ceramscan has been verified as accurate as mercury displacement method. Gas displacement techniques usually measure very small samples or otherwise attract a high instrument price.

The Ceramscan has the largest measurement envelope in its class. X-ray techniques are expensive and present a health and safety issue and therefore require fully trained operators. The Ceramscan uses an eye-safe laser and therefore is the safest procedure for density determination.

Ceramscan with sample

Features and benefits

Fully rotatable test files

Appreciate the scan detail in every plane. The scanned data can be viewed in both 2D and 3D representations to allow comparisons with previous archived measurements. Within the 2D sectional view, additional manual measurements can be made on chosen intervals. 3D views of the product are rotatable in all planes providing flexibility of viewing for visual comparison and presentation.

Choice of Rotation Speed

For heavy or delicate samples, the centrifugal force created during the rotation can distort the sample or cause it to fragment or wobble and therefore a slower rotational speed is recommended. The fast speed provides the quickest scan times, but can affect the integrity of some products and produce less accurate results.

Easy verification

A measurement is only worth performing if it’s accurate. Check and verify your Ceramscan easily by testing a Calibration and Verification Rod. The instrument will verify that the rod correlates with the measurement values as provided by the manufacturer so that product testing can continue with confiden

All of your data in one place

Provided by a built-in spreadsheet for data collection and statistical manipulation. There is no need to export data to another spreadsheet program, as the software for Ceramscan has its own integral spreadsheet, but Exporting to Excel is also an available option if preferred.

Export your data in .stl format

If you’ve designed a product in a CAD package and then 3D print it you might want to check that what has been printed is what you designed. Once the printed sample is scanned in the Ceramscan you can import the data as a .stl file which will allow you to import your file into popular CAD packages (maximum data size applies). You can then compare your CAD output with your CAD input. This closes the loop on the design and production of samples.

Presentation of your results

A report template is available into which your data can be dropped and automatically positioned with test data fields or modified using full Report Editing tools. Alternatively, images and data can be copied and pasted into other applications.

Operate in another Language using the Language Editor

Menu items and operator messages can be easily converted into your own language using a provided plug-in tool for language editing.

Barcode Scanner compatibility

Allowing quick product information entry and reducing user error. This device attaches via the USB port on a PC.

Why choose a Stable Micro Systems instrument?

Bespoke test solution service

Bespoke test solution service

Leading companies and institutions across the globe trust us for their materials testing needs

While our consumers are aware that our instruments are the best in the world, their decision to purchase one is not just based on the hardware. Ultimately, it all comes down to the service we provide to all of our customers. When considering the purchase of a laboratory instrument, our clients consistently cite our experience and desire to assist them with testing issues of all shapes and sizes as the number one reason why a Stable Micro Systems instrument is, and will always be, their first option.

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Further information

Buying advice

Read our guide Seven Tough Questions you should ask before buying a Volume Measurement Instrument

Instrument validation

We asked the Universitat Jaume I to compare our instrument to traditional ceramic density measurement methods. Read their findings

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