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See how our customers are using our instruments to find innovative solutions to their testing challenges.

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For many customers texture has become very much part of their mission statement. It has provided quantification of customer textural expectations to guarantee quality control, it has enabled substantiation of product claims in new formulations and it has allowed the measurement of new textural creations during the product development process. Here are just a few example of how customers have used their Texture Analyser to help market their textural innovations:

How do Dominos measure the crispiness of their Crispy Loaded Tots in their TV ad to deliver customers’ textural expectations? Watch this and you’ll see how.

How does AHDB measure the Shear Force of Meat Quality? Find out about what AHDB uses their Texture Analyser for to gain competitive advantage in the Meat industry in this video

How does Lamkin measure the extraordinarily tacky grip of its patented ACE compound? Watch this and they’ll show you how:

How does Revolymer control chewing gum texture? This video shows how they test their innovative chewing gum for stickiness using their Texture Analyser

How does Mars Petcare measure the textural characteristics of dental products? Watch this amazing video of their chewing robot on a TA.HDplus Texture Analyser in action

How does Qualisoy quantifiy their new gold standard bakery products? Watch how they use their Texture Analyser to do this

How does Campden BRI use their Texture Analyser for to gain competitive advantage in the Bakery industry? Watch their video

How does the Northern Crops Institute measure bread volume? Watch how they are using their Volscan Profiler

How does the Wheat Marketing Center perform the bread firmness and the AACC Standard for noodle firmness? Watch this overview and then the step-by-step process

How does St. Andrews University measure fish firmness? Watch their video which gives advice on salmon sample preparation and optimising your test repeatability for tensile and shearing texture methods.

How does Ingredion (a company whose Texture Centre of Excellence helps the food industry achieve the perfect consistency for their products) use their Texture Analyser to create unforgettable textural memories? Watch their ‘Let’s Talk Texture’ video series

In addition, watch these Incredible Science videos:

'An introduction to the Texture Analyser' prepared by the University of Auckland

'Crushing cupcakes – measuring the springiness of a cupcake'

'Mashing mushrooms – measuring the firmness of mushrooms'

Texture Analysis where fresh and freeze dried bananas are compared using a TA.XTplus Texture Analyser


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