Video Capture Plugin version history

The numbers below are the version number and build number. So 1,0,0,1 is version 1.0 build 1.

8,0,12,0 (19/9/2023)

• Performance improvements

8,0,1,0 (1/8/2022)

• Updated to work with Connect version 8

6,1,5,0 (5/12/2013)

• Preview window is now modless so can remain open.
• The Preview window is now used when a test is run instead of the standard Active Movie window.
• Preview window is now sizable.
• Preview window can now be docked in the Exponent main window.
• Preview Window size and position are now remembered.
• New Rotation option added to rotate the video input (Rotation Filter can be disabled if required to improve performance).
• New Edit Copy command to copy a live image to the clipboard.
• Help file created that is accessible via F1 or Help - Guide.
• About box added showing version number and DLL location.
• Test video option now shows recorded and dropped frames in the status bar.
• Fixed issue were the camera would sample at a different FPS to the one selected after plugging it in.
• The preview window will now automatically connect to the last camera if it is plugged in after the window is opened.
• Added image capture so frame at trigger point can be added to Graph Notes. (Snap Filter can be disabled if required to improve performance).

6,1,4,0 (17/09/2013)

• First official release of the Video Capture System.

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