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Our articles give a detailed summary of the methods and attachments that are currently in use in a specific field of testing. Request an article to understand how products can be tested and analysed to monitor and control important quality parameters. 


Texture analysis – why texture measurement optimises food quality and customer satisfaction
3D printing and the need to measure physical and dimensional properties of food
Using texture analysis in the development of dairy and dairy alternative products
Texture analysis in the alternative proteins industry – creating the same-as sensory experience
Texture measurement of meat and meat products
Measuring the textural and dimensional properties of fish and fish products
Measuring consistency in the development of sauces
Measuring snap, crackle and pop – capturing the sound quality of food
Using novelty gels and films in food product development and edible packaging
Texture analysis in sports nutrition
Designing foods with specific health claims for an ageing population
Low salt, low fat, low sugar: testing texture in reformulated food
How to perform textural magic
Quality control of bakery product texture – traditional, novelty and gluten-free
Creating the perfect texture of confectionery products
Measuring the textural properties of pasta
Noodle texture and quality testing –  a range of texture analysis methods for a wide variety of noodle types
Measuring and monitoring the texture of fruit and fruit products
Measuring vegetable texture and vegetable product quality
Texture analysis of pet food and accessories
Egg quality testing
Measuring quality parameters in the poultry and egg industry
Texture analysis of fats and oils


3D printing and the need to measure physical and dimensional properties of medical materials
Using texture analysis as a physical property tool in regenerative medicine and for medical devices
Texture analysis in the pharmaceutical industry – oral delivery
Texture analysis in the pharmaceutical industry: non-oral drug delivery and medical devices
Physical testing of pharmaceutical and medical packaging
Texture analysis in the dental industry
Texture analysis – a tool in the fight against cancer
Texture analysis – a tool in the fight against HIV


Testing the textural properties of colour cosmetics
How to measure the physical properties and dimensional aspects of hair and haircare products
Texture analysis in the nailcare industry
How to measure the performance and textural properties of personal care products

Materials Testing

Measuring the mechanical properties of packaging
Adhesive tape testing: quantifying stickiness
Avery Adhesive Test
Measuring fundamental materials parameters with a Texture Analyser
Paper and cardboard testing using a Texture Analyser
Ceramics and advanced materials – density and the measurement of mechanical and dimensional properties
Leather and textiles testing using a Texture Analyser
Mechanical measurement of polymers using a Texture Analyser
Measuring powder and granule properties
Optimising the use of by-products and creating environmentally friendly solutions with the help of texture analysis

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