Expression Version History

The numbers below are the version number and build number. So 1,0,0,1 is version 1.0 build 1.

1,1,12,0 (05/09/2008)

• Fixed an issue regarding installing on a PC system with multiple users. Changed location certain files used by the software are stored on the PC.

1,1,11,0 (22/02/2008)

• Added Gradient to X calculation to single cycle tests. X is specified as a distance value.

1,1,10,0 (12/11/2007)

• Fixed an issue relating to template file creation location on some systems.

1,1,9,0 (16/8/2007)

• Updated and improved the display of safety messages within the software.

1,1,8,0 (16/7/2007)

• Fixed a problems where columns in table view that are based on parameters that have no units were still displaying the () that surround the units type.

• Fixed a problem where the formulas displayed on the table view were not printed. Formulas now printed if displayed on table view.

• Added Standard Deviation formula to the table view.

• Added coefficient of variation formula to the table view.

• Data and time data that is displayed on the table view has been simplified.

• When printing the graph the Mode parameter is sometimes displayed when not really applicable. So its now only printed when applicable.

• Fixed and error causing a corrupt template when removing rows from the table view.

• Fixed a crash caused when printing a TPA curve.

• Fixed a bug where copy and pasting from table view to another spreadsheet package with sort by batch selected was causing blank cells to contain data where there should have been non.

• Copy and paste option now copies the full precision of the data if full precision is selected.

• Added an option to the table view to show data in full precision.

1,1,7,0 (3/1/2007)

• When updating older versions the registry settings that were moved in 1,1,6,0 are now copied over if possible.

• Fixed problem with printing Hold tests.

1,1,6,0 (21/11/2006)

• Fixed an issue with decimal separator when not set as a “.”.

• Altered the location in the registry where some settings are stored to make registration details and communications ports system dependant and not user dependant.

1,1,5,0 (24/10/2006)

• Fixed to allow standard Express to run the Hold test. (Also requires firmware version 32)

1,1,4,0 (29/09/2006)

• Modified the table view menu item to ensure it is greyed out when the table view is already open.

• Fixed an issue with causing a blank table view if you cleared the table view and opened a new table view.

• Added a button on the toolbar to open the control probe window.

• Fixed and issue with results if the first result in a set failed but others were successful.

• Modified the number of decimal spaces for some units.

• Fixed an issue when cancelling some dialog boxes.

1,1,3,0 (30/08/2006)

• Modified the configurations to include the Run a test parameters such as Acquisition Rate.

• Fixed an issue with the copy and paste of empty cells in the table view.

• Fixed an issue where averages on columns with no data in the cells were displaying nonsense values.

• Fixed an issue where when viewing the table view in the list as batch mode empty cells displayed -1.

• Fixed an issue with errors in calibrate height dialog box not showing values adjusted for selected units.

• Added icons to message boxes to be more helpful to users.

• Fixed an issue with maximum and minimum values in the calibrate height dialog box.

• Increased the number of decimal places on average rows in the table view to 3.

• Error messages in the Texture Analyser settings window will now be shown in currently selected units.

• Fixed an incorrectly displayed value for test type on adhesive tests in the graph information.

1,1,2,0 (08/08/2006)

• Fixed some minor issues with serial communications between software and Express instrument.

• Added configurations to the software. These contain graph preferences, test settings and calculations. These can be used to easily recall specific test setups.

• Fixed an issue in table view, which was causing formulas not to be updated if a row in the table was deleted.

• Added a status bar to the Pocket PC version.

• Added new information and error messages that are displayed on the status bar.

• Fixed an error with the cursor box not being cleared when the graph is closed.

• Fixed an issue with the average calculation in the table view taking unused cells into account in the calculation

• Fixed an issue where the number of decimal places for some unit types might not display the full precision of the number being shown.

• Fixed an error where the Force at X calculation was not always locating the correct point.

• Fixed a graph refresh issue when a menu is opened on the pocket pc version.

1,1,1,2 (11/04/2006)

• Problem with items deleted from table view not being deleted properly sorted.

• Drawing routine improved to handle low memory conditions better.

1,1,11,1 (1/04/2006)

• French language file included

• Table view can now stay open while using the other software features. (PC version only).

• Hold test – New calculation – Ratio of relaxation added.

• Hold test – Calculation’s default text changed – Relaxation Ration changed to Springiness Ratio.

1,1,1,0 (17/03/2006)

• Pocket PC version released

1,1,0,0 (09/03/2006)

• Czech language now included.

• Norwegian language now included.

• Improved mouse cursors for pc version.

• Right clicks on graph are now indicated by change of cursor on pc version.

• T.P.A. test now available.

• T.P.A. calculations now available.

• Data at the cursor position on the graph now displayed in a new cursor frame.

• Position of cursor data now graphically represented on the curve.

• Areas now shaded on the graph.

• Anchors now drawn on the graph.

• Means now drawn on the graph.

• Peaks now drawn on the graph.

• Gradients now drawn on the graph.

• Fixed a problem with invalid characters in the filename of the curve.

• Improved splitter bar operation on main screen.

• New screen called table view added which allows tabulated views of data captured.

• Clear results menu item added which clears results from current curve.

• Data acquisition rate added to graph info.

• Format of data from different data types should now be the same throughout the software.

• Improved error reporting from connection problems with the Express.

• Improved error reporting during tests.

• MBCS language file loading now improved to cope with extended characters.

• Improved time information reported and displayed by adding leading zeros to the dates.

• Pop up text added to make settings more meaningful. PC Version only.

• Fixed a number of problems with text displayed partially underneath other text on various screens.

• Additional load cell support added.

• Added ability to hide the toolbar

• Added a status bar and the ability to hide it on the pc version.

• Added new units for force.

• Fixed a problem with the measurement setup on the run a test dialog screen.

• Fixed a problem on graph printing that cause the graph to be printed outside is box when axis types were Force vs Distance.

• Additional measurements of Separation distance and Absolute negative force added for hold until time tests.

• Fixed a number of issues relating to updating measurement templates when files were read only or user had insufficient privileges.

1,0,1,0 (22/12/2004)

• New information stored for registration purposes.

• Fixed a problem causing the test to be incorrectly reported with the export of data.

• Fixed a problem where the file extension for graph files was not being appended to the filename for graph files.

• Fixed a number of minor graphical problems on the pocket pc version of the software.

• Added company name as a field during registration.

• Measurement results that are not calculated are now shown with a “---“ in software views, printing and exporting.

• Fixed a number of spelling errors.

• Fixed issues when using quick test run and having autosave selected.

• Added ability to copy and paste the graph and the results to other packages.

• Fixed an issue on the axis when the data requires 2 decimal places.

• Fixed various path issues on saving graphs.

• Fixed a number of focus problems on the PC Version

• Run a test box now centred on the screen.

• Bluetooth warning messages no longer shown when USB communications selected.

• Tab order on Graph preferences screen changed to make more sense.

• Fixed a problem with the updating of the tick on the show graph menu item.

• Existing data cleared from screen when running a new test!

• Improved the importing of data into other Stable Micro Systems Ltd software packages.

• Fixed a number of graphic drawing problems.

• The max and min axis values are now independent of one another.

• Fixed a number of measurement issues when tests were not completed correctly.

• Fixed a template problem where a template could be added to the list twice.

• Error messages now only shown when measurements enabled.

• Fixed an issue on the PC version with clicking on the edit menu while no graph displayed causing a crash.

• Fixed an issue where Batch name was forgotten by the software after every test run.

• Exporting now exports data in whichever units the software has selected.

• Fixed a problem with the scrollbar on the data pane on the PC version.

• Adjusted the displaying of the axis titles to better fit on screen.

• Fixed a problem, which would allow data entry into a read only window containing firmware details.

• Fixed some issues on the PC Version when printing.

• Improved error reporting of failed calculations.

• Fixed a number of issues with data capture rates.

• Fixed a crash on the POCKET PC 2003 operating system when trying to run a test.

• Fixed an issue where the system info option was not checked the first time the export graph window was opened.

1,0,0,0 (17/03/2006)

• First official launch version.

Versions prior to this were Beta copies.

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