Exponent Lite Version History

For details on updating the XTPlus firmware, refer to the “Updating the TAPlus Firmware.doc” document located in the Utilities directory on your Exponent CD.

The numbers below are the major and minor version numbers, build number and issue number. So 4,0,1,0 is version 4.0 build 1 issue 0. All release versions for build 1 and later are issue 0 so anything higher in the last group of digits is a test / special version.

Windows Platform Support

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4 and 2000 are no longer supported by Exponent.

The last version that runs on 95 and NT4 is

The last version that runs on 98 and Me is

The last version that runs on 2000 is 5,1,2,0.

Therefore the currently supported platforms for version 6,0,0,0 onwards are: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Both 32 and 64bit systems are supported.

Error in Egg Testing Haugh Unit Calculation

It has come to our attention that the Haugh Unit calculation in Exponent/Exponent Lite software (versions and lower) has an error in the location of a bracket within the formula. This is due to how formulas are translated into computer instructions.


HU = 100log(h-(1.7w)0.37+7.6)


HU = 100log(h-1.7w0.37+7.6)

We have made the appropriate correction for all future software versions (including Connect software) and can advise the following:

The grading of eggs may be affected. Changes will be most noticeable for those eggs that have a thin albumen (below 4mm) and coupled with a higher weight (e.g. 75g). For the majority of egg weights and albumen heights (that would have resulted in a high Haugh Unit) the egg grading will be unchanged.

6,1,26,0 (9th November 2022)

• Fix 3 for a random error message "Invalid Schema" when loading graphs. (TE32 01522)

6,1,18,0 (4th March 2021)

• New help and sample files.

• Fixed PPS list missing some options.

6,1,17,0 (19th October 2020)

• Fixed an issue where the results file column units were not updated correctly. (TE32 01508)

• Fixed an issue with selecting PPS values that have a decimal place when the , is used for the decimal point. (TE32 01513)

• Fixed an issue where the wrong probe name could sometimes be shown in the file information tab of a graph. (TE32 01518)

6,1,16,0 (14th August 2018)

• When creating results into a new spreadsheet the column sizes are now adjusted to allow the titles to fit. (TE32 01500)

• The macro window now prompts to be reloaded when it gets the focus if it has been modified outside of Exponent. (TE32 01502)

• Fixed problem where deleting spreadsheet rows removed the End of Test Data row which made the spreadsheet unusable. (TE32 01503)

• Now works better with Windows High Contrast mode. (TE32 01504)

• Fixed issue where ARC file was sometimes only saved once after a test even though the Quick Calculations had analysed the data. (TE32 01506)

6,1,15,0 (21st February 2018)

• Hiding the graph view while analysing multiple graphs could cause the maximum time to be reduced to the time scale of the first graph. Now the view is forced to redraw when changing the active curve to ensure the correct scales are set. (TE32 01482)

• Fixed problem where user not prompted to save a file when it was closed if the auto save option was set but failed. (TE32 01484)

• Fixed issue with "Check Force" pre-test command preventing Projects from opening. (TE32 01490)

• Fixed issue with slow toolbars on the latest Windows 10 update. (TE32 01491)

• Recovered the Default report template that had been replaced in error. (TE32 01493)

6,1,14,0 (27th November 2017)

• Egg Testing files updated.

• If the File - Project - Save menu item is disabled then the user is not promoted to save a modified Project. (TE32 01481)

• Made the Custom Probe options more obvious in the Probe selection window. (TE32 01478)

• Added a Global Export Folder option to the Miscellaneous Settings window so the Egg Testing script can save to a remote location. (TE32 01485)

• Fixed an issue where the wrong result was updated in the results tab when an item was recalculated. (TE32 01489)

6,1,13,0 (17th August 2017)

• Project Notes text now wraps at right edge of window. (TE32 01467)

• Enhanced the Set Project / Graph Notes Macro command and renamed it to "Display Notes or Set Projects Graph / Active Graph Notes". So it can now be used to display RTF notes and instructions, including pictures, when the macro runs. (TE32 01469)

• Updated TE32HPL.EXE to support the /RM option so Macros can be run from a command line and converted to DDE calls when Exponent is already running. This allows the help file to run macro. (TE32 01470)

• The Macro prompt command can now specify the system ICON that appears at runtime. (TE32 01474)

• Graphs that have no batch name were not showing results field values in a report. (TE32 01479)

6,1,12,0 (27 April 2017)

• Fixed confusing "Incorrect Path" message when using the Save In Project command. (TE32 01437)

• Now the Default Paths tab is not added if the Default Paths menu command is disabled. (TE32 01440)

• Added a menu command to change just the password so the User Properties window can be disabled. (TE32 01441)

• Fixed problem where the popup menus on some dialog boxes where not being disabled by the security options. (TE32 01444)

• The "Save File / Save File As" menu command will now accept filenames with dots in. (TE32 01445)

• The BASIC warning on macros can now be suppressed after the first warning for each file. If you select Yes to enable the BASIC then you are asked if you want to remember the file details so you are not warned again. Administrators can save the details in a global cache so all users can open the file without warnings. (TE32 01452)

• The Run-A-Test probe tab now shows the maximum compression and tension load for some of the probes. (TE32 01455)

• Removed the "Browse..." menu item from the Text Box editors button as it had no function. (TE32 01456)

• The project and graph notes text now wraps at the edge of the window so it is easier to view. (TE3201467)

6,1,11,0 (19th October 2016)

• Fixed scaling issue when printing the Test Log that caused one or more columns to go off the left side of the page. (TE32 01431)

• Added option to hide Start Batch and End Batch rows of results spreadsheet. (TE32 01432)

• Updated help files and Egg Testing components.

• Fixed decode of %_PROJECT_PARAM_AUTOSAVE_PATH_% system variable when it contained other system variable. (TE32 01435)

• Fixed crash if an invalid character such as a TAB was put in a filename. (TE32 01436)


• The cursor box items are now cleared when the last graph is removed from the window. (TE32 01419)

• Added a menu option to refresh the results spreadsheet so the the TODAY() function can be updated. (TE32 01421)

• Fixed an issue where the results chart was not always redrawn when opened. (TE32 01422)

• Added an option to hide the batch formula in the results spreadsheet. (TE32 01424)

• Fixed an issue with copying Raw Data where the end of the data was missing. (TE32 01426)

• A prompt has been added to save the modified graph notes when the Results - Clear.. menu options are used. (TE32 01427)

6,1,9,0 (6th October 2015)

• Fixed a problem where the Count Peaks command was only showing results for the first graph in the spreadsheet. (TE32 01396)

• Holding down the Ctrl key when doing a Calculation (Area, Mean, etc) from the menu or toolbar modifies the command to use the data represented on the second Y axis. (TE32 01399)

• Setting the critical flag option of the Quick Run A Test command was always stopping the macro even when the test was OK. (TE32 01408)

• Fixed Windows large DPI issues. Tested with settings up to 200%. (TE32 01409)

• Removed all traces of Live Readings window as it is not supported on the TA. XT Express. (TE32 01413)

• Fixed issue with extra cursor box entries. (TE32 01414)

• Fixed a crash on XP systems that were not fully updated and not connected to the Internet. (TE32 01417)

6,1,8,0 (5th June 2015)

• Fixed Goto Last macro command dialog so it allows OK button. (TE32 01371)

• Count Peaks now only displays the markers when the appropriate data is displayed on the axis. (TE32 01373)

• Fixed crash if an old plug in was in the located during start up and the user was not a windows administrator. (TE32 01374)

• The macro Search function now wraps around at the end of the macro to find occurrences of the search item located before the current item. (TE32 10375)

• Implemented a number of changes to the spreadsheet to speed up processing a large number of files. (This reduced the time to batch process the marking of a value in 44000 files from ~6 hours to 8 minutes) (TE32 01378)

• Fixed problem with deleting selected result items from the graphs result list. (TE32 01379)

• Fixed a GPF when opening a corrupted results file. (TE32 01381)

• Added option for silent uninstall of Exponent. (TE32 01385)

• Allowed the view / hide graph options to be used while a test is running (but not when a macro is running). Also added feature to allow SHIFT + View All to hide all. (TE32 01386)

• The user defined axis title was being removed when the chart was refreshed. (TE32 01387)

• Added option to macro Go to Peak commands to search between anchors. (TE32 01390)

6,1,7,0 (8th October 2014)

• Added a menu and macro command to separate linear graph cycles marked by event ID 255 into multiple graphs identified by a cycle number enclosed in #[ ]. Also updated repeat and cycle library sequences to mark the end of each cycle with event ID 255 automatically. (TE32 01338)

• The command line now supports the -RM "file name" option to run the specified macro. (TE32 01353)

• Added option to project cursor box settings to specify how many cursor box items to display. (TE32 01358)

• Fixed problem with loading old format spreadsheet where formulas were not being loaded. (TE32 01360)

• The fixed peak markers no longer draw over each other when their locations coincide. (TE32 01361)

• Added right click popup menu to graph windows cursor box for shortcuts to configuration options. (TE32 01362)

• Fixed crash when using Mark Value on Strain Data. (TE32 01363)

• Project Panel buttons can now be hidden / shown via Project - Configure Project Buttons or right click pop-up menu on the project panel and their position is also remembered after drag-n-drop used to move them. Also buttons are removed if the associated menu item is disabled in the security options. (TE32 01365)

• The Restart Project at startup is ignored if a file is loaded via the command line. (TE32 01369)

6,1,6,0 (4th September 2014)

• Adjust data can now accept negative numbers again (which was broken in 6,1,4,0). (TE32 01307)

• Mark Event is now recorded to the macro when in record mode. (TE32 01310)

• Modifying the flags for the Mark Event by double clicking the flags column was not refreshing the column properly. (TE32 01311)

• Maxima and Minima statistics can now be displayed in the graph window for the visible graphs in the window. (TE32 01314)

• Improved sharing of Application Data Folder on a network share for multiple PC’s. (TE32 01315)

• Added two more cursor box fields, added support for setting fonts and allowed multiple columns for horizontal layout. (TE32 01316)

• Fixed issue with probe area values when read from the probe database on Windows set to use a , for the decimal point. (TE32 01317)

• Fixed problem where shortcut manager was not showing file information for new macros. (TE32 01326)

• The Probe Height calibration values are now stored in the project instead of the registry. The Calibrate Probe Height macro command can now also specify the parameters or use the project settings. Also if the settings are protected then the calibrate height command bypasses the settings window. (TE32 01330)

• It is now possible to modify one instance of a batch formula row when the batch has two identical instances. (TE32 01346)

• The sheet reference in column formulas in the first two sheets are now renamed when the sheet is renamed. (TE32 01347)

• Enhanced formulas to be able to extract a number from a reference to a text formated cell. (TE32 01348)

• Fixed issue with user sheet cells being protected when the cell properties were modified even though the protection option was not set. (TE32 01349)

• It is now possible to paste into the formula edit mode of the spreadsheet. (TE32 01350)

• Added a formula bar to option the results file. (TE32 01351)

6,1,5,0 (5th December 2013)

• The group option in the firmware information window is now remembered on a per user basis. (TE32 01109)

• Exporting graph data to Excel failed when the graph notes contained more than 255 characters. The exported notes are now truncated to 254 characters. (TE32 01283)

• Double clicking on the line number in the macro view now opens the break point window. (TE32 01285)

• Undo now supported for results spreadsheet Row - Delete Selection. (TE32 01287)

• Fixed problem showing probe name in graph info list. (TE32 01290)

• It is now possible to add event markers to the graph even when the test has finished either from the menu command or the new macro command. (TE32 01292)

• Clicking on results entries in the Graph Info tab no longer repositions the cursor while a macro is running. (TE32 01297)

• Fixed problem with French Date format (and possibly other languages) on the Info tab of results files. (TE32 01300)

6,1,4,0 (5th September 2013)

• Moving a results column was not updating the formula in row 3. (TE32 01265)

• Resetting the macro panel sizes when a panel was not visible was corrupting the view. (TE32 01266)

• Copying and pasting a Macro into Notepad was putting everything on one line. (TE32 01267)

• The Macro Favorites were not being saved. (TE32 01270)

• If an invalid path was set in the Project’s "Name for Results File" option the software could block when the project was restarted. (TE32 01279)

• Text objects where duplicated if the Show For All Graphs option was selected and certain Y2 axis data types where active. (TE32 01280)

6,1,3,0 (21st Aug 2013)

• Included USB drivers with updated signature for Windows 64 compatability.

• Added option to view active graph in Windows Explorer. (TE32 01262)

• Fixed problem with batch formulas vanishing when data rows deleted. (TE32 01263)

6,1,2,0 (9th July 2013)

• Added limited Undo feature to results files. (TE32 01087)

• The shortcut manager will now try to repair highlighted entries if the files have been moved. (TE32 01240)

• Fixed a GPF when Exponent checked for new updates if the Internet connection redirected the request. (TE32 01241)

• The zoom level is no longer reset when the second Y Axis data type is changed. (TE32 01242)

• The axis scale popup window can now be closed by clicking outside the window. (TE32 01243)

• Added a new popup menu option to the project shortcut lists to preview the projects notes. (TE32 01244)

• Added splitter controls to the shortcuts manager window. (TE32 01245)

• Results spreadsheet columns can now be moved by dragging the heading while the Ctrl key is down. (TE32 01247)

• Added new feature to show / hide results columns. (TE32 01248)

• Added a search function to the results spreadsheet (Edit - Find & Edit - Find Next). (TE32 01256)

• A lot of the standard text contained in results files can now be translated to the active language (selected when the user logs into Exponent) when the file is opened. (TE32 01257)

• Project notes embedded in the graph info will now display the full formatted text and images when double clicked on. Also administrators can edit the notes. (TE32 01258)

6,1,1,0 (20th April 2013)

• Copying disabled macro commands into an RTF text document now shows the strike through. (TE32 01235)

• Fixed problem when copying and pasting columns in the Results1 sheet. (TE32 01236)

• Fixed a crash when the Project - Files window opened. (TE32 01237)

6,1,0,0 (4th April 2013)

New signed USB drivers are included for Windows 8 compatibility. These drivers are suitable for all supported operating systems. The drivers will be pre-installed by the setup program so, depending on the operating system, the new hardware wizard is simplified or suppressed when the USB is connected. If the USB is connected before the software is installed then cancel any Hardware Wizard windows that appear until the software installation is in progress.

• Fixed problem with accepting serial numbers in German or French installation languages.

• Fixed memory problem when allocating long formulas in the results sheet. (TE32 01205)

• If a user defined parameter name or units text is changed then a new column will be added to the results info tab when measurements are made. (TE32 01207)

• Updated the TE Edit (report viewer) module to version 20. (TE32 01208)

• Text result columns in the results spreadsheet are now automatically widened to fit the new data. (TE32 01211)

• Refreshing report fields after Select All was causing problems. (TE32 01212)

• The Macro List and Run buttons have been removed from the Graph and Macro toolbars and placed on the main toolbar. This provides access to running a macro when no graph window is active. Existing installation will require the toolbars to be reset to see this change. (TE32 01216)

• When a sample project is opened you are asked if you want to make a copy as using the sample projects directly is not recommended. (TE32 01217)

• Product Information columns in the results files are no longer shown on the charts by default but can still be added. (TE32 01218)

• The shortcut lists are now saved when a macro is added during the save operation. (TE32 01226)

• New system variables added to access the project and graph parameters, such as %_PROJECT_PARAM_BATCH_%. (TE32 01227)

6,0,7,0 (21st December 2012)

Now built with Microsoft Foundation Class Library version 10.

New Spreadsheet component used. This has many internal advantages plus more columns and rows. A huge effort has been made to ensure old spreadsheets load correctly but you may see a few minor formatting differences. The Export will now be in the BIFF8 format, which is the format used by Excel 97, Excel 2000, and Excel 2002. The old package exported in a format used by Excel 4.0 / 5.0 so this may be a problem if you are importing into very old software.

Exponent now integrates with Window Explorer to provide optional column information, file properties panel and thumbnails.

• The menu bar is now disabled while starting a test to prevent it from delaying the start. (TE32 00025)

• Added an option to the Macro Batch processing to select a folder to process so all ARC files in the folders are analysed. This enables a large quantity of files to be processed. (TE32 00888)

• The Macro and Project lists now support sub folders. The File Manager window has been updated to accommodate this with drag-n-drop support for arranging folders. Macros reference by projects are now loaded into a temporary shortcut folder so they don’t add clutter to your personal / global list. (TE32 01079)

• The Result objects in the Report now support more rows and column to accommodate the new spreadsheet and allow the column and row headers to be switched off/on. (TE32 01164)

• New menu commands added to quickly add the open Project or Macro to the Project / Macro lists. (TE32 01165)

• When a test is run, if a parameter requires information from the probe and the selected probe does not have the required information the user is asked if they would like to select a different probe. Also changing the probe for a graph now refreshes the parameters when necessary. (TE32 01167)

• The results conditional colours are now copied in the HTML format clipboard data. (TE32 01180)

• The File - Save in Project menu command now works for Macro, Reports and Results files and will add the file reference of the active file to the Project Files section. (TE32 01181)

• The Goto Value Macro command was not working for Time. (TE32 01182)

• A new Copy HTML menu command has been added to facilitate the new formatted copy along with the option to include fixed columns and rows and titles. (TE32 01183)

• The T.A. Settings window now converts values to the native resolution of the XTPlus and feeds back the result. e.g. entering 5mm/min now shows 4.8mm/min in the grid as this would be the nearest speed the T.A. can run at. Some of the units now have more decimal places to reduce rounding errors when switching between unit types. (TE32 01186)

• Improved the time to expand the network branch in the File Manger explorer when registered PC’s are off line. (TE32 01187)

• Project Backup now creates a new folder named with the current date and time in the backup location. This ensures old backups are not overwritten and removes errors when existing files can not be overwritten. (TE32 01188)

• The Report print now uses the Number Of Copies option on the dialog box to print multiple copies. (TE32 01189)

• The new graph printing via reports can be switched off in the page setup window. (TE32 01195)

• Adding new batch / column results rows now uses the formatting from existing batch / column result rows. (TE32 01166)

• Increased the number of decimal places that can be specified for the results columns. (TE32 01177)

• Exponent now moves the strain height to the correct list if it was previously assigned incorrectly. (TE32 01179)

• Copying the Raw data view will now acquire as much memory as possible if needed so that as much data as possible can be added to the clip board. (TE32 00937)

• Added a filter to select entries in the chart row / column selection window. (TE32 01117)

• Using the Chart Wizard option now shows the Columns window, then the rows window and then the wizard window so the previews are more realistic. (TE32 01118)

• Fixed a problem where copying and pasting a change run a test setting that relied on a string variable to a new macro window caused the variable name to be replaced with "". (TE32 01120)

• Fixed a problem where the Report Field for Results - Complete Column was not working. (TE32 01121)

• Fixed a problem where Spreadsheets in Reports were not always printing. (TE32 01122)

• Increased the number of Sax basic variables allowed in the report from 100 to 250. (TE32 01123)

• Fixed a problem where empty lines were being omitted from the results files for the Complete Column option in the Report fields. (TE32 01124)

• It is now possible to select which formatting attributes are picked up from the results files for the Complete Column option in the Report fields. Also the background colour is applied to the whole line instead of just the text. (TE32 01125)

• Added a new menu item "Show in Windows Explorer" to the Project and Macro list pop-up menu. (TE32 01128)

• Fixed a problem where adding text to a graph using the shift click method was not updating the Text tab of the Graph Info. (TE32 01129)

• Fixed a problem where left clicking on the graph list did not always change the active graph. (TE32 01130)

• The MCU temperature can now be captured on a RS485 channel by setting the MODBUS device ID to 255 and Address to 0. (TE32 01135)

• It is now possible to set the number of decimal places for the results Info columns. (TE32 01142)

• Fixed problem with adding and deleting user probes from the test configuration window. (TE32 01143)

• Fixed Prompt After Test option for user defined parameters. (TE32 01144)

• The warning message present to new users about reading the manual is suppressed when Exponent is started via OLE. (TE32 01147)

• Fixed the folder Create Now option in the run-a-test window. (TE32 01149)

• Blocked the cursor box # buttons if the associated mark value menu items are disabled. (TE32 01151)

• Added an option to the project to lock it to the specified macro to prevent other macro from being run when the project is active. (TE32 01152)

• Adding a project file on the command line after the /E option now opens the project as expected. (TE32 01155)

• Added a progress bar and check for Esc key while loading multiple ARC files. (TE32 01156)

• Fixed a problem with the batch T_Test function on results files that have been saved and reloaded. (TE32 01157)

• Improved macro performance by reducing results spreadsheet refreshes. (TE32 01158)

• Fixed a problem with loading multiples files referenced by a URL from the MRU. (TE32 01159)

• Fixed the "Save File / Save As File" macro command’s prompt option so it now exports results file in XLS format. (TE32 01160)

• Fixed the "Save File / Save As File" macro command’s Browse option so it now inserts the filename into the edit field. (TE32 01161)

• Fixed a problem with displaying & characters in the company name field of the about box and splash screen. (TE32 01162)

• New results files were prompting to be saved when close even though no changes were made. (TE32 01108)

• The count Peaks plus / minus calculations would divide spread sheet results by 1000 if recalculated. (TE32 01114)

• Improved memory allocation for RawData Copy function so larger amounts of data can be copied. WARNING some applications can not handle the amount of data in the clipboard. (TE32 00937)

• Changed columns of macro program list. (TE32 00945)

• Fixed problem where menus were disabled if the macro had an error. (TE32 01008)

• The Change Units command now displays more information in the program list. (TE32 01037)

• Improved Macro checking routines to detect more errors. (TE32 01038)

• In the macro program list, holding down the control and shift keys while clicking the up / down buttons or menu items moves the selected commands to the top / bottom of the list. (TE32 01042)

• Fixed a problem saving Reports and Results when logged in to the PC as a local user on a domain connected PC. (TE32 01043)

• Texture Expert files that had been opened and saved in Exponent version 2 and earlier where not displaying distance correctly. (TE32 01046)

• The Macro / Project manger now selects the file in the file tree when it is clicked in the shortcut list. (TE32 01047)

• Added Favorites tab to the Macro commands list that can be customised as required. (TE32 01082)

• The Macro window now remembers the size of the panels when it is closed. (TE32 01090)

• The last columns in the macro lists now expand to fill the available window. (TE32 01091)

• Added an option to turn off the Quick Test Wizard that appears when you click on the Exponent logo in the main window. (TE32 01093)

• The format of macro commands text in the program list has been changed to improved readability of Macros. (TE32 01094)

• Added options to set default Force and Distance units for new projects created from factory defaults. (TE32 01096)

• Added a new tab to the Graph Information panel that shows all the Text objects in the graph and allows selection / editing of them. (TE32 01097)

• The last window of the Force / Pressure calibration wizard now show more information and logs it to a file. There is also a live reading so the calibration can be checked. (TE32 01102)

• Added a Tare button to the Check Force / Pressure window. (TE32 01103)

5,1,1,0 (1st Jun 2011)

• Fixed rounding error on fetching last data point that prevent the last data point from being displayed on some curves. (TE32 00931)

• Fixed problem with Exponent responding slowly if T.A. switched off while input monitors window open. (TE32 00932)

• The Sequence title in the graph info list was showing the Graph name instead of the Sequence name. (TE32 00933)

• Fixed problem with Shape parameter prompting during a test if Rectangular or Cylindrical options where selected. (TE32 00934)

• The Load Cell Capacity report field was display 0 for any cell below 1Kg capacity. (TE32 00935)

• Added error trap around spreadsheet export function to help prevent exponent crashing if export fails. (TE32 00917)

• Notes added to the results file are now truncated to 254 characters in the cell to prevent ‘String Too Long’ error message. (TE32 00918)

• Fixed a problem with TA Information IDs being altered when loading some old files. (TE32 00920)

• Project Notes now display with formatting when a project is opened. (TE32 00921)

• Graph Notes now displayed with formatting when inserted into graph information tab. (TE32 00922)

• Added extra options to /mi command line parameter so that USB devices can be specified by serial number. (TE32 00923)

• Fixed problem with obtaining weight from our S.G. Balance (TE32 00924)

• Improved refresh of T.A. Message log window when date range changed. (TE32 00927)

5,0,9,0 (14th Feb 2011)

• Now supports silent slave installations. See the Exponent Silent Installation.pdf file that is places in the Exponent folder during the normal (master) installation. (TE32 00910)

5,0,8,0 (7th Dec 2010)

• The Test Log Viewer window is now modless so it can stay open while you use other features of Exponent. (TE32 00886)

• The menu bar is now disabled when a Macro is running so it does not pause the macro processing. (TE32 00887)

• In the Test Log Viewer the column used to sort the data is now indicated by a < or > symbol to show the order. (TE32 00894)

• Fixed a problem with the Highlight Missing Files command in the Test Log Viewer where it was not highlighting the first missing file of a block of missing files. (TE32 00895)

• Added a button in the About window to open the Application Data Folder in Explorer. (TE32 00896)

• The size of the last column in the Test Log Viewer was not being remembered. (TE32 00897)

• The old Highlight Missing Files command is now Select Missing Files and the Highlight Missing Files option has changed to a toggle that turns the SavedAs column values red if the file is missing. (TE32 00898)

• The order of the columns in the Test Log Viewer is now remembered when the window is closed and re-opened. (TE32 00899)

• Leading Columns in the Test Log Viewer can now be frozen by right clicking on them and the last frozen column has a thick right-side border. (TE32 00900)

• The Test Log Viewer filter selection window has been updated to make it easier to select date ranges. (TE32 00901)

• If the current Locale uses dots between day-month-year then the DATE System Variable would produce invalid file names so the dots are now replaced with ‘_’ . (TE32 00904)

• The Send To LIMS macro command can now be modified in Lite versions. (TE32 00905)

• The Send To LIMS macro command now has the option to append data to the output file. (TE32 00906)

5,0,7,0 ( 20th Oct 2010)

Now built with Microsoft Foundation Class Library version 9.0.30729.4148 hence windows 95, 98 and Me have been dropped. This does provide the new Vista appearance when running on Vista and above.

PLEASE NOTE: Some toolbar features are not compatible with the previous version. Therefore, to ensure the toolbars are recreated correctly when updating from a previous version, the location for storing custom settings has been changed. This does mean that your custom toolbar configuration will be lost when you update but it allows the old and new versions to co-exist (installed in different locations). If you end up with a corrupted layout you can reset to default settings by holding down the shift key at startup while the main window is created. E.g. Hold the shift key down when you launch Exponent Lite and keep it pressed until the main window has appeared.

New USB drivers included with XP64, Vista64 and Windows 7 64 support.

• Fixed a problem when saving to folders that deny delete permissions. (TE32 00871)

• Fixed GPF if a T.A. Sequence variable’s display condition was set to itself. (TE32 00873)

• The name of the user that ran a test and the name of the user that analysed the results are now added to the Info tab of the results spreadsheet. (TE32 00876)

• Removed most of the #DIV/0! messages that appear in text format columns for row that have formula. (TE32 00877)

• The T.A. Messages are now logged to files so the history is maintained after Exponent is closed. Message view updated accordingly. (TE32 00882)

• Fixed GPF when opening lots of files that contain lots of results. (TE32 00889)

• Exponent now detects when the TA is turned off while it is running. (TE32 00890)

• A test can be aborted when serial communications is lost during the test. (TE32 00891)

• Restarting the project or using the Project - Open Results command now opens the template results file as a template to reduce the risk of adding data to it. (TE32 00868)

• Fixed when using the Chinese translation on Chinese windows Exponent can some times stop responding. (TE32 00863)

• Fixed a problem using the superscript 2 to represent squared on Chinese Windows. (TE32 00864)

• Fixed value from TA Info for Filter and Load Cell Type not being displayed. (TE32 00865)

• Fixed first file selected after a folder change in file open dialog was not showing thumbnail or information. (TE32 00866)

• Setup now has new help files for Teguide, Abstract and Probe & Fixture Guide.

• Fixed GDI resource leak caused by Report objects. (TE32 00855)

• The Select COM Port window has been updated to allow specific USB connections to be used. (TE32 00857)

• The Create Now button in the Project - Test Configuration window now shows an error message if no drive is specified and will create a full path in one go. (TE32 00860)

• Some folder browse windows were not working on Windows 7 so updated to new method. (TE32 00861)

• Added option to Colours and Styles window to make list boxes use the System defined font so that filenames with non-English characters display correctly. (TE32 00862)

• QuickCalculations now work on all selected graphs in the view. (TE32 00842)

• Added an option to the Mark Value macro command to set if duplicates are allowed. Unchecked replicates pre-version 5 behavior. (TE32 00845)

• The Macro indentation is now setup correctly for new commands added by the Record Macro feature. (TE32 00848)

• Exponent no longer uses SSE2 instructions so it is compatible with older micro-processors. (TE32 00852)

• Fixed a problem with a communications error message being displayed when used with old firmware. (TE32 00844)

• A new command added to the Process Data menu and a new option added to Post Test tab of Test Configuration window to perform Quick Calculations. (TE32 00411)

• Fixed a problem where occasionally the LIMS files created with the macro command look like Chinese when opened in Notepad. (TE32 00792)

• Exponent now looks in all the template locations for a default.rsl file to load for new results documents. (TE32 00793)

• New graph printing system that uses a report instead of fixed print format. (TE32 00794)

• New TE32HPL.exe used that fixes a problem opening files via Explorer that are on a network drive. (TE32 00795)

• Test Configuration - Parameters reworked so they are interactive with each other and a few new ones added so they now support three point bend stress and strain. (TE32 00796)

• Fixed a problem with copying protected projects. (TE32 00798)

• Fixed a problem with auto scales where the data could occasionally go of the top of the screen. (TE32 00799)

• Add more decimal places to the scales when needed so the numbers don’t repeat. (TE32 00800)

• Fixed a problem where pressing the F10 key to drop an anchor was setting the focus to the menu so the cursor could not be moved along the graph with the keys. (TE32 00803)

• Added more help areas to windows to make it even easier to understand what is needed. (TE32 00805)

• Project - Files window has been simplified. (TE32 00806)

• Project Title has been moved to the bottom of the Project Title and Notes window as it is no longer important. (TE32 00807)

• Windows created by plugins were still trying to open the .hlp help file instead of the new .chm file. (TE32 00813)

• After browsing for a file or path that is stored the section of the path that match system variables is now replaced with the variable. e.g. %_MY_DOCS_%. (TE32 00817)

• The graphs "Add All To Spreadsheet" command now process all selected graphs rather than just the active graph. (TE32 00819)

• Fixed a problem where macro comment field was lost when any undo was performed. (TE32 00822)

• Send To LIMS macro command now has an option to overwrite the specified file instead of numbering them. (TE32 00824)

• Graph notes are now added to info tab of results file. (TE32 00825)

• When a file is added to the Project’s Files window via the browse button the user is asked if they want to copy the file to the Project’s folder (provided the project has been saved). Also when saving the Project for the first time or when using the Project’s Save As option the user is asked if they want the referenced files copied to the projects folder. (TE32 00828)

• Added the Project - Close command that close the current project and creates a new empty project in memory. (TE32 00829)

• Added an optional Name field to the macro commands Mark Value, Area, Gradient and Mean. (TE32 00831)

• Added g/cm2 units for Stress. (TE32 00832)

• Fixed a problem when using two mark value macro commands of the same data type, etc, with different custom names was sharing a single column in the results file. (TE32 00834)

• Fixed a problem when using some 750kg load cells that would generate a gain out of range error when stating a test. (TE32 00835)

• Most places that used the old style folder browser now use the new resizable style. (TE32 00837)

• Fixed the Create Now button in the Test Configuration window as it was not expanding system variables. (TE32 00838)

• Added the Edit - Parameters menu command to the Graph window. (TE32 00839)

4,0,13,0 (5th May 2009)

New USB drivers included with XP64 and Vista64 support.

• New macro command added to send a row of results to a file for LIMS to pick up. (TE32 00781)

• Fixed a problem with saving results spreadsheets when a local HP printer is the active printer. (TE32 00782)

• The four RS485 channels are now configured to work with the CAL temperature controllers so they can be used for data 1 and data 2. (TE32 00783)

• Add X and Y intercept, Maxima and Minima, Copy Section and Zero Correction commands. (TE32 00784)

• The text for inches of water has been changed from I.o.W. to the more common text inH2O. (TE32 00785)

• Sub routines are more clearly defined in the Graph Information tabs. (TE32 00788)

• Line numbers are now displayed in the graphs T.A. Sequence tab. (TE32 00789)

• The T.A. Sequence End Sub command was not working properly when used inside an If... block. (requires XTPlus firmware version 0.01183) (TE32 00790)

• The order of items in the project and macro lists can now be changed in the File Manager window using the Ctrl+UP/Ctrl+DOWN arrow keys. (TE32 00791)

4,0,12,0 (9th December 2008)

• When multiple rows are selected in the Chart column / row selection window, pressing the space bar toggles the "Used" option for the selection. (TE32 00770)

• Markers for: Goto..., Mark..., Maxima, Minima, Count Peaks+, Count Peaks- and average gradient are now only drawn on the relevant data and also on the second y axis if applicable. (TE32 00771)

• Fixed problem with the "Create Directory" macro command where variables where being confused. (TE32 00772)

• The first filename used to save a file is recorded in the graph info so that renaming a file can be seen. (TE32 00774)

• The "Store Variable" macro command now adds the variable to the graphs results list as well as the spreadsheet. (TE32 00775)

• When a text object is selected with the right mouse button the cursor is no longer moved to the anchor point. Also a text object can now be selected with the left mouse button and the cursor is moved to the anchor point. (TE32 00776)

• Fixed problem where the wrong data type was selected for the Y axis in the graph preferences when using a Spanish translation. (TE32 00778)

4,0,11,0 (12th November 2008)

• Added a command to backup all the global and current users registered project to a specified location. (TE32 00730)

• Support for new system variable for My Documents added. (TE32 00747)

• When a result is selected in the results tab of the graph window the cursor is placed at the location of the marked value or the anchors used for the result are selected. (TE32 748)

• Added an Exit Log menu item to the log window to supplement the close button. (TE32 00761)

• Fixed problem where Goto % of Max failed if the percentage was set to 100 and the max value was the last data point. (TE32 00764)

• The Raw Data View now detects the smallest time base of the viewed data so that empty rows are removed when viewing just the RS484 data or user data. (TE32 00769)

4,0,10,0 (27th August 2008)

• Macro Batch function was not showing the file selection window. (TE32 00753)

• Fixed problem where an error message was incorrectly displayed when manually adding a column to the result spreadsheet. (TE32 00757)

4,0,9,0 (7th May 2008)

• Fixed problem where cursor would not run along the curve after a test was saved. (TE32 00725)

• Added commands to the T.A. menu that move the probe to a Preset so they are available for shortcut keys to be assigned and also added toolbar buttons to the T.A. category of the Commands tab in the customise toolbars window. (TE32 00727)

• Added a command to the T.A. menu to Tare the loadcell and also added a toolbar button to the T.A. category of the Commands tab in the customise toolbars window. (TE32 00728)

• Fixed the problem where the User Input dialog would randomly restrict the number of characters allowed. This was noticed when the user was prompted to enter a value for a macro variable at runtime. (TE32 00729)

• It is now possible to delete an empty batch from the results spreadsheet. (TE32 00732)

• Value fields that do not have a specified number of decimal places will now show up to 15 significant digits. (TE32 00733)

• System Variables are now decoded in the Batch field when a test is run. (TE32 00734)

• It is now possible to add the T Test batch formula to a results spread sheet even when there is no data. (TE32 00735)

• Fixed GDI resource leak on the tab control used by the graph window, etc. (TE32 00736)

• Macro view can now show line numbers in the program lists. (TE32 00737)

• When saving a document the first view of the document is brought to the front to help see what is being saved. (TE32 00738)

• Custom formula rows are now restricted to row 5 and greater so they don’t cause problems. (TE32 00744)

• Startup now checks for the presence of the splash window as well as main window to determine if another instance is running to reduce problems caused by multiple mouse clicks on the icon. (TE32 00745)

4,0,8,0 (12th February 2008)

• First official release of the Lite version.

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