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These downloads will only update versions of Exceed from 2.00 onwards to 2.64.

Exceed must be pre-installed from your CD to apply these updates. Exceed is compatible with Windows 3.1x*, 95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000 or XP Home & XP Professional (32 bit OS only).

*Note: Windows 3.1x is only ISA compatible. See below for more compatibility information.

You do not need to download all the files; just select the required English, German, Swedish or Spanish version and then, if required, the Help file.

To download the files:
• Click on the required link below.
• When prompted, specify Save to Disk
• Then supply the destination path and click on OK – the transfer will then begin.

You can normally download more than one file at the same time, so once the first file is on its way, repeat the process on the other files that you require. These are self-extracting ZIP files which contain smaller files that will fit on to a 1.44Mb floppy disk. When you run the program it will extract these files which can then be copied to floppies. The file with the .EXE extension is disk one, the W02 extension is disk two, the W03 extension is disk 3, etc. Take the floppies to the PC that has Texture Expert Exceed installed, insert disk one and run the .exe; follow the on screen prompts. You will be instructed when to insert the other disks during the installation.

These files will update older versions of Texture Expert Exceed (2.??) to version 2.64. It will NOT update Texture Expert (1.??).

Texture Expert

Note: For updates to Texture Expert, contact Stable Micro Systems or your local distributor.

Update for English installations including the main program help file

Download eng264.exe

3048 Kb

Update for German installations including the main program help file

Download germ264.exe

3068 Kb

Update for Swedish installations including the main program help file

Download swed264.exe

3068 Kb

Update for Spanish installations including the main program help file

Download span264.exe

3052 Kb

Updates the teguide.hlp (Application Studies and Probe Guide), Start.hlp and Analysis Help files (optional)

Download help252.exe

7215 Kb

This will install the version driver files that are supplied with TEE 2.63 and later. It has been tested with TEE version 2.63 and later, but should work with all versions 2.30 and later.

If you are getting error messages when you run a test, then try this update; or if you are able to run tests, then you do not require this update.

Download JungoUpdate.exe

1383 Kb

Language support

If you have the English only version of Texture Expert Exceed and you require the German or Swedish versions, then contact Stable Micro Systems or your local distributor for more information.

Note to users of Texture Expert Exceed software when upgrading computers

Strange Graphs in Exceed

A new breed of computers has been introduced to the market that speed up data processing. The new processors produced by Intel use a technique called 'hyper-threading' to increase the processor speed. The other major manufacturer AMD has developed a 'dual core' processor system that essentially does a similar job.

For Stable Micro Systems customers with the latest TA.XTplus instruments and Exponent software this is excellent news but for those customers with the TA.XT2 and TA.XT2i instruments and Texture Expert Exceed software there are serious problems of compatibility. This incompatibility shows up as erratic data capture.

Preliminary testing by our software engineers has shown that Intel processors will work if hyper-threading is disabled in the BIOS of the computer. Sadly, this defeats the purpose of having a superior processor and is a procedure likely to be discouraged by any IT department. With AMD processors the same problem is noticed but it cannot always be disabled in the BIOS. It is possible to disable multi-processor support at boot time; for more information, click here to view the PDF file.

The easiest solution to the problem is to do nothing! That is, continue to use the existing computer and operating system. If however, the IT policy of your company directs that you must exchange your computer, then Stable Micro Systems is pleased to offer a cost-effective upgrade route that involves rebuilding your old instrument to the new TA.XTplus specification. The new 32 bit Exponent software is included in this deal bringing your whole system right up to date.

A separate issue involves the new Microsoft XP64 operating system. This is not compatible with Texture Expert or Texture Expert Exceed software and we offer the same upgrade solution above. Please note Exponent software will not operate a TA.XT2 or a TA.XT2i instrument.

IMPORTANT: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and Texture Expert Exceed version 2.3 or later

Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 on Aug 1, 2002. Installation of this service pack with WinDriver 5.05 may result in STOP 50 blue screen on some machines. Please download the following new windrvr.sys file and copy it to your Windows\System32\Drivers directory, replacing the one that is already there, before you upgrade to Service Pack 3.

Download new format

If you already have Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 installed then make sure you copy the new windrvr.sys over the old one before you reboot the PC.


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