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Brochures are available for our Texture Analysers, VolScan Profiler, Exponent software, major peripherals, ancillary equipment, probes and fixtures, and for various application areas.

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TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus Texture Analyser brochure
 TA.XTplus / TA.HDplus
Texture Analyser

TA.XTExpress brochure
Texture Analyser
Powder Flow Analyser brochure
 Powder Flow Analyser

TA.XT2i upgrade brochure
TA.XT2i upgrade to
TA.XTplus specification
VolScan Profiler brochure
 VolScan Profiler


Enhanced Security Module brochure
 Enhanced Security Module


Applications Directory - Materials
Applications Directory:
Materials and Products

Applications Directory - Food
Applications Directory:
Automated Linear Indexing System brochure
Automated Linear
Indexing System

Dough Inflation System brochure
Dough Inflation System
Powder Flow Analyser brochure
Powder Flow Analyser

Acoustic Envelope Detector brochure
Acoustic Envelope Detector
Temperature Control and Measurement brochure
Temperature Control
and Measurement

Video Capture and Synchronisation brochure
Video Capture and Synchronisation
Resistance Conversion Unit brochure
Resistance Conversion Unit

Dynamic Integrated Balance brochure
Dynamic Integrated Balance
All Accessories brochure
All Accessories


Bakery applications brochure
Bakery Products

Cereals applications brochure
Confectionery applications brochure

Dairy applications brochure
Dairy Products
Egg quality testing brochure
Egg Quality

Fish applications brochure
Fruit and Vegetables applications brochure
Fruit and Vegetables

Meat applications brochure
Pasta applications brochure
Pasta, Noodle and
Rice Products

Snack Products applications brochure
Snack Products
Gels and Films applications brochure
Gels and Films

Food Packaging applications brochure
Food Packaging
Petfood and Animal Feed applications brochure
Petfood and Animal Feed

Pharmaceutical and Medical applications brochure
Pharmaceutical and Medical
Pharmaceutical Packaging applications brochure
Pharmaceutical Packaging

Controlled Release Products applications brochure
Controlled Release Products
Personal Care Products applications brochure
Personal Care Products

Cosmetics and Skincare applications brochure
Cosmetics and Skincare
Hair and Hair Products applications brochure
Hair and Hair Products

Medical Devices applications brochure
Medical Devices
Adhesives applications brochure

Electronics applications brochure
Powder and Granules applications brochure
Powder and Granules

Leather applications brochure

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