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Welcome to the Stable Micro Systems Help Centre...

Use the links on this page to find the assistance you need to make your testing easier and more accurate.

Request a Product Manual:
If you have mislaid your manual or just need an electronic copy, please complete your details on the form and submit it for a .PDF version to be emailed to you.

Request Testing Advice:
Fill in your details and the nature of your query on the form and submit it to our Applications Support experts.

Request Technical Support:
From time to time you may encounter problems with your instrument or software. Our experienced team can provide the answers you need to keep your testing on schedule.

Request help with a Macro:
You may need some help with writing your Macro, especially if you are new to test automation. Submit the form to receive the files you need.

Check the FAQs page:
Your problem may be one that we are already aware of. Try our Frequently Asked Questions page first for a possible short cut to an answer.

Book a Training Course place:
One-day courses are held at our Surrey HQ throughout the year. Contact us for more detailed information and to book a place.

Calibrate your instrument:
Regular calibration is essential to maintain  the accuracy of your Stable Micro Systems instrument. Check out the procedure for peace of mind.

Use TPA correctly:
Read our article on the proper use of Texture Profile Analysis.

Read an Application Study:
While these are integrated with the Exponent Help system, they are also available separately for your convenience.

Download the latest version software:
Make sure that you are not missing out by not having the latest available features, including updated Help files, on your system.

Join our network:
Join the Texture Analysis Professionals group on LinkedIn to seek advice, share opinions and engage with other users.

Request a demonstration:
The best way to get the most complete information on our products from our experienced sales staff and distributors.

Sign up for our Maintenance Plan (UK only):
Ensure the best performance of your instrument by having an annual inspection by one of our experienced technicians.

See our videos:
Among the videos on our YouTube channel are industry specific items which may help you better understand a new procedure.

Read the right literature:
We have a list of the best reading available in the field of Texture Analysis.

Contact your distributor:
Local help may be easily available, so get in touch with your distributor now.

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