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Mark Proto with Dr Kieffer


AT FIE last November Mark Proto (Managing Director) met with Dr Rolf Kieffer to discuss the Dough & Gluten Extensibility Rig.

Over the last decade the method of measuring the extension properties of dough and gluten using the Kieffer Rig has received international attention.

Recently we provided a means on our website of bringing Kieffer rig users together to share ideas, express opinions and meet other researchers using this texture analyser fixture. is home to User Network pages which exist for the following products: Dobraszczyk/Roberts Dough Inflation System, Acoustic Envelope Detector and the Kieffer Dough & Gluten Extensibility Rig. Network access includes:

• Short synopsis of member of the network
• Member Contact Details
• Published papers
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Research Champions
• Operation Tips

The purpose of these networks is to bring together users of these major products to a controlled forum where information can be shared and contacts made within the field of measurement with a particular major fixture. To enter one of the Networks please register by clicking on the REGISTER link – an entrance code will be sent to you.

Due to its international acceptance Dr Kieffer is now progressing the method with Prof. Peter Köehler (Vice Director of the German Research Centre for Food Chemistry) towards ICC Standardisation and welcomes any interested parties who would like to participate in the progression of this method. Contact

Below is a list of selected research findings found to be of particular interest. We would welcome contributions to this page where significant conclusions have been obtained in the use of the TA.XT2i, TA.HDi or TA.XTplus Texture Analyser.

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