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When used in conjunction with the TA.XTplus or TA.HDplus Texture Analyser, the Temperature Controlled Peltier Cabinet (XT/PC) and Temperature Controlled Plate (XT/PP) provide a highly stable and accurate testing environment for many products.

The temperature controllers comprise the Peltier Plate or Cabinet coupled to a separate Peltier Control Unit (PCU). The PCU can be conveniently located so that the required temperature can be easily set and displayed or placed away from the Texture Analyser if space is at a premium. The coolant reservoir in the PCU has a screw cap and the connectors are self sealing for easy transportation. No water baths or cooling gases are required.

The temperature controllers will also interface with the Exponent software package so you can set and record temperature data. In conjunction with the temperature ramp facilities of the PID control unit, this allows some temperature dependent properties to be measured.

XT/PP: Temperature Controlled Peltier Plate

The Peltier Plate provides a stable surface temperature for testing small or thin products such as pressure sensitive adhesives or films. This ensures that temperature effects are either minimised or are able to be accurately investigated.

The surface dimensions are 110mm x 100mm and maximum operating temperature is +80°C to a minimum of 30°C below ambient.

XT/PC: Temperature Controlled Peltier Cabinet

The Peltier Cabinet provides a temperature controlled environment using PID control with an operating range from +80°C to 20°C below ambient.

It is fixed directly to the base of the texture analyser via nylon insulating pillars that provide a thermal barrier from the instrument. Samples can be allowed to equilibrate to the required temperature before testing is performed within the cabinet. A double walled transparent hinged door allows the sample to be seen during testing and is easily opened for sample access. A Peltier Control Unit is provided on which temperature is set and displayed.

Integration with Exponent software is key to quick temperature changing with the benefit of being able to measure, capture and display temperature data in real time during the texture analysis plot.

A total internal height of 85mm provides a testing area suitable for many typical sample sizes but may be limited if testing a large sample or if the test requires attachment of a large probe or fixture.

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