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You can now also view videos featuring Texture Analysis tests prepared by our customers...


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AACC noodle firmness video
AACC Standard Method:
Noodle Firmness
TTC/Wheat Marketing Center

Kansas State University video
Kansas State University: 
Texture Network Special Report
Past TTC Competition Winner

Cheese test
Mythbusters: Cheese Cannon

Food Ingredients Europe 2007
Food Ingredients Europe exhibition: London

West Virginia University
Food Texture Analysis
Produced by West Virginia University, winners of the Texture Technologies
Texture Analysis Video

University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas: Rice Processing
Past TTC Competition Entry

Kansas State University
Kansas State University:The Best Crunch
Past TTC Competition Entry

Claussen Pickle Snap Test
The Pickle Snap Test
Claussen Laboratories

South Dakota State University
South Dakota State University: Chapatis
Past TTC Competition Entry

Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University
Past TTC Competition Entry

Indiana University
Indiana University: ARQE
Past TTC Competition Entry

Oregon State University
Oregon State University:
The Quest for Perfect Texture
Past TTC Competition Entry

Revolymer Gum Test
Removable Gum
Revolymer Ltd.

Ham Analysis
Ham analysis: structure and chew force
Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC

Lotun video
Sanitary Napkin
Lotun Science Co., Ltd.

Lotun Imitative Test Video
Imitative Test
Lotun Science Co., Ltd.




The Texture Channel
Texture Technologies' YouTube Channel
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The Texture Channel

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