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What's included when you buy a Stable Micro Systems Texture Analyser...

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  • Choice of loadcell
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  • 2 years' warranty
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Employ your Texture Analyser to...

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To be successful, all of these tests depend not only upon the integrity of the Texture Analyser and the manufacturing precision of the probe or attachment used but also the accuracy of the analytical software to provide the results in a clear, concise format.

Our software packages provide a flexible graphical user interface to choose test settings and acquire test data in a real-time graphical display with free download of upgrades throughout the life of your instrument. Macro and spreadsheet facilities are built-in to aid automated data collection and analysis along with our unrivalled Education Zone to assist your understanding of texture analysis.

Exponent provides a full range of data collection, enhanced security, presentation options and analytical solutions, of particular importance for those in Research and Development.

Exponent Lite is well suited for simple texture analysis testing, and offers flexibility and simplicity of use without loss of instrument performance. It provides all of the general capabilities you need to run tests quickly and efficiently without the more sophisticated operational features.

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Measure More Than Force
Not only does a TA.HDplus Texture Analyser measure force, distance and time - it has the adaptability to attach additional devices whose input can be controlled, measured and simultaneously plotted within Exponent by means of several external instrumentation channels built into the specification, making the TA.HDplus Texture Analyser a completely universal property measuring choice.

Probes, Fixtures and Accessories for your Texture Analyser

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