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Features and Benefits

Relate powder measures 
to process and end 
product features.


When coupled with a Powder Flow Analyser, the Texture Analyser gives you a complete range of testing solutions for both your powders and end-products. 

Alternative powder flow measurements do not provide such a comprehensive range of testing possibilities and product characterisation options. Why settle for a single number when you can measure such a wide range of product parameters?

We don't just sell equipment - we pride ourselves in providing solutions to measuring your products physical properties to help you solve your quality control, formulation or processing problems.

PFA vessel


Test virtually any material capable of flow and displacement - not just free flowing powders.

Impose extremely gentle through to aggressive flows, and measure the resulting force to characterise the sample under those controlled conditions.

User defined sample flow to suit the sample type and characteristic of interest, or to be complimentary to the process conditions experienced by the sample.

Nothing surprises us more than what experienced users want to investigate. That is why for Research & Development needs we allow the flexibility for you to not only customise the test projects that we provide but also for you to completely create your own test protocols to test in a different way or analyse your data to collect additional parameters.

PFA helical blades


Repeatable Test Settings and sample flow programs - exactly the same test again and again. See Test Applications.

Independence from operator sample loading technique. Controlled Sample Flow enables the powder column sample to be preconditioned before the actual test cycle.

Precision borosilicate glass or stainless steel test vessels. Test vessels of similar specification give the same test result.

Data can be captured up to 500 points per second (PPS).

Precision machined and surface finished rotor and blade form for displacing the powder. Blades of similar specification give the same test result. Blades can be made in most engineering materials capable of being machined (Standards are Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium).

PFA vessels


From less than 20ml to over 200ml.

Where samples of bulk solids are extremely rare or very expensive, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, samples down to 20ml can be analysed.


Test vessel bases are easily removed to enable thorough, simple cleaning.

Only test sample contact parts are vessel and rotor which are easily replaced if used with highly toxic or radioactive materials.

Powder sample
Easily obtained results,
presented with startling clarity.


Samples can be pre loaded into sample vessels and pre conditioned for humidity and temperature.

Texture Expert Exceed with plug-in software extends the renowned Exceed software to include full Powder Flow Analyser control and analysis, whilst Exponent software (for use with the TA.XTplus Texture Analyser) has rotational control as standard.

Powder samples
A vast range of powders - 
a wide range of tests.


Rapid tests, through to extended cycle mixing tests are possible measuring the energies needed to establish specific flow conditions.

Compaction, slice, shear, lift/aeration are all possible and test programmable in the manner most suited to the sample and your process need.

Bulk density measurements, bulk density change with consolidation stress, flow after consolidation, powder-material friction and uni-axial compression analyses are all available on the one system by simply changing the fixture and test setup.

Can also test: tablet and cake compression strength, forward and back extrusion, granule crush strength, three point bend, and many other tests. All of the normal Stable Micro Systems texture analyser test accessories can be used in conjunction with the Powder Flow Analyser.

Technical support
FREE technical support 
throughout the life of 
your instrument.


Distributed in the UK by our own sales force, Stable Micro Systems' Powder Flow Analysers are marketed on every continent through a network of hand-picked distributors and agents, who have been trained in all the major applications of both powder flow and texture analysis applications.

Exponent software is written in-house giving us the ability to quickly update and add required features suggested by our users. In fact, we have unmatched continuously enhanced software.  We constantly strive for improvement and pride ourselves on our quality of customer support throughout the world. 

*Patents granted and applied for


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