Pasta and Rice Testing Attachments

Light Knife Blade - Pasta - Texture Analysis

Pasta Firmness/Stickiness Rig

Spaghetti Flexure Rig

Light Knife Blade
The standard AACC (66-50.01) 
pasta Firmness blade.

Pasta Firmness/ 
Stickiness Rig
Used to measure the firmness
and stickiness of cooked pasta.

Spaghetti Flexure Rig
This rig measures the compression
and flexure characteristics of
uncooked spaghetti.

Spaghetti/Noodle Tensile Rig - Texture Analysis

Kramer Shear Cell - 5 blade - Texture Analysis

Mini Kramer/Ottawa Cell - Texture Analysis

Tensile Rig
Used to perform break strength 
and elasticity measurements on 
both noodle and spaghetti samples.

Kramer Shear Cell
This rig performs a bulk
compression/shearing test, 
particularly useful when trying 
to assess the firmness of cooked 
pasta shapes.

Mini Kramer/Ottawa Cell
Particularly suited to reduce the 
force of bulk shearing/compression 
of multi particle products.

Noodle Loop Tensile Rig - Texture Analysis

Rice Rig

Triple Ring Cutting System

Noodle Loop Tensile Rig
and Cutter
This rig allows preparation of 
sheeted pasta/noodles for 
subsequent measurement of 
extensibility and tensile strength.

Rice Extrusion Rig*
Used to determine rice kernel
resistance to extrusion after 
cooking according to ISO 
standard 11747.

Triple Ring Cutting System
This attachment allows bulk firmness testing of thin, brittle, wavy or irregular noodles which can otherwise not be tested in single/multiple strand noodle methods.

Asian Noodle Ring

Asian Noodle Rig
For firmness assessment of Asian Noodles according to the Wheat Marketing Center method.

*Community Registered Design

Application brochure


Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed below.

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements which are commonly used in this application area are shown above. However, this does not show the complete range of attachments available for the testing of pasta products. Test procedures include: compression, puncture/penetration, tension, fracture/bending, extrusion, cutting/shearing.

Typical measurements include:

  • AACC (66-50.01) standard method

  • Firmness: can be used to monitor effects of texture due to change of ingredients, formulation or processing parameters
  • Strength of uncooked pasta: which would have implications for transport stability
  • Strength of cooked pasta: giving an indication of the "bite" on consumption
  • Stickiness of cooked pasta: which would give an idea of the amount of starch released and, therefore, information on the structural properties and recipe formulation.
  • Tensile Strength
  • Extensibility
  • Flexure: dry spaghetti

Application Studies are available for the testing of pasta products using the TA.XT2i, TA.XTplus, TA.XTExpress  or TA.HDplus texture analysers.

In addition, scientific papers have been published which reference the use of the TA.XT2i/TA.XTplus/
TA.HDplus in the testing of pasta products.
Click here for paper titles and citation details.

Application Studies

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