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Humidity and Temperature Module

Humidity Temperature Module

Humidity Temperature Module

This module adds to the versatility of the Texture Analysers by providing the facility to capture temperature and humidity data during a test.

When Exponent software is used the temperature is sampled every ten seconds and recorded with the texture analysis data. A module connects to the Texture Analyser via the RS485 port and up to four modules can be connected at one time to log data simultaneously from up to four locations.

The Hygroclip is a product designed according to ISO 9001 and meeting EN50082-2 EMC requirements. It has an operating range of 0-100%RH (relative humidity) and -30°C to 100°C.  Accuracy at 23°C is ±2.5%RH and ±0.3°C.

As this device is for measuring the air temperature and humidity (and not for insertion into a product), a Flexible Clamping Arm is also included for fixed positioning of the probe close to the measuring area.

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