Food Packaging Testing Attachments

Tensile Grips - Film Seal - Packaging

Self Tightening Roller Grips - Packaging

Friction Rig - Horizontal Mode - Packaging

Tensile Grips
Used for the assessment of
 seal strength.

Self-tightening Roller Grips
Can be used to measure tensile
strength of packaging where
slippage at the grip face may be 
a problem.

Friction Rig
Used to assess packaging
friction properties.

Friction Rig - MT.LQplus - Packaging

Film Support Rig - Packaging

Compression Platen - Eggbox - Packaging

Friction Rig
Used to assess packaging
friction properties according to
ASTM-D 1894-90.

Film Support Rig
This rig allows testing of thin, film-
like products to measure the burst
strength, resilience and relaxation

Compression Platen
Used to assess packaging
compressive strength.

Large Peel Strength Rig - Packaging

Universal Peel Strength Rig - Packaging

Tube/Sachet Extrusion Rig - Packaging

Large Peel Strength Rig
(45 degree peel action)
Adjustable peel action measurement
for e.g. yoghurt, ready meal
packaging. It accommodates pots
up to 120mm diameter.

Universal Peel Strength Rig
Allows measurement of the peel
strength of e.g. yoghurt containers
up to 95mm diameter and 120mm
height at three angles.

Tube/Sachet Extrusion Rig
Allows manufacturers to measure
the ease of removal and application
of products such as sauces, pastes,
creams and gels.

Articulated Tensile Grips - Packaging

Ring Pull Rig

Articulated Tensile Grips
Allows the gripping of thin materials
while also providing rotational

Ring Pull Rig
This rig measures the force required to open food and drink can seals and remove lids or tabs.

Application brochure


Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed below.

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements which are commonly used in this application area are shown above. However, this does not show the complete range of attachments available for the testing of food packaging products. Test procedures include: compression, puncture/penetration, tension, fracture/bending, extrusion, cutting/shearing.

Typical measurements include:

  • Seal Strength

  • Friction
  • Peel Strength
  • Puncture
  • Tensile Strength
  • Resilience
  • Sachet/Tube Content Removal Force
  • Crush Resistance
  • Burst Strength

Application Studies are available for the testing of food packaging products using the TA.XT2i, TA.XTplus, TA.XTExpress  or TA.HDplus texture analysers.

In addition, scientific papers have been published which reference the use of the TA.XT2i/TA.XTplus/
TA.HDplus in the testing of food packaging products.
Click here for paper titles and citation details.

Application Studies

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