Dynamic Integrated Balance

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Dynamic Integrated Balance

Measure Weight

The Dynamic Integrated Balance, for use with the Plus range of Texture Analysers, enables measurement of output from extrusion/actuation test procedures.

Users now have the ability to append an additional high speed ‘weighing’ parameter to a standard force measurement test, a measurement which will be of interest in those tests where product is removed or deposited from the component that is being tested.

Typical examples of this would be in the testing of syringes, mayonnaise, toothpaste, hand dispensers, or sachets.

During the extrusion or actuation test, the deposited amount is simultaneously weighed while force, distance and time data is collected. Once the test is complete, users are able to view the quantity and rate at which the product was deposited, on a second axis alongside their usual force data.

This will enable not only the ease of removal of product contents to be measured, but also the delivered quantity as a result of the effort exerted.

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